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COMPRESSOR OILS We are provider of compressor oils with wide temperature range with good de-emulsifying properties with anti wear additives.Oils provided by syndicate increases drainage intervalsand service life of gear boxes, bearings and moving parts.We are provider of Roto Xtend Roto Endurance Roto Inject oils Roto Z-LIFE 16, 000 hrs Roto H we-are-provider-of-compressor-oils-with-wide-temperature-range-with-good-de-emulsifying-properties-with-anti-wear-additives.oils-provided-by-syndicate-increases-drainage-intervalsand-service-life-of-gear-boxes,-bearings-and-moving-parts.we-are-provider-of roto-xtend roto-endurance roto-inject-oils roto-z-life-16,-000-hrs roto-h/b45
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