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Designed for bearings operating under moderate to heavy load and speed. Our grease is formulated with complex soaps that have good adhesion and mechanical stability. Our grease is fortified with solid lubricants that enable its performance in high load condition.

Syndicate grease specifications(s+)

N.L.G.I. Grade2
Penetration265 to 295
Base OilHigh Grade Mineral Oil
Drop Point>260℃
Operating Temp.-10℃ to 180℃
E.P. PropertiesGood
Water ResistanceGood
Solid LubricantPresent


Fuoropolymer lubricants that have been developed after extensive research. This lubricantshave substantial rheological, chemical and tribological advantages over conventional lubricants. Our lubricants can perform in most extreme environments. Our lubricants are based on PFPE base oils and thickened with PTFE solids. Due to its non-reactivity our greases are highly compatible with plastics and other polymers.

3.Rust preventives

Water-soluble rust preventive for very short terms for intermittent process.Our rust preventives are ideal for components stored inside, that require protection while waiting for further processing.

4.High Performance Metal Working Fluids
All-purpose water soluble cutting oil for multiple machining applications. Our fluid has higher mineral oil content that provide lubricity with increased tool life. It has higher sump life and lower addition than conventional products as manufactured with high grade mineral oil and balanced emulsifiers. Our fuid is ideal for general machining operations and can be used for most metals.

5.Industrial Cleaner

Neutral water based cleaner for cleaning of machines parts and equipment made of cast iron , mild steel or stainless steels.

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